Leading energy market intelligence is a highly valued commodity with the power to enable energy buyers to capitalise on market opportunities and risks. 

At Kore Energy, we bring together a full complement of industry experts from across all disciplines of energy procurement, utilisation, research and analysis. 

We continually track and evaluate what is happening in the market and provide concise reports to our risk management clients on a daily basis. 


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Market Update

  • Friday 28 April 2017:With wind and solar generation levels forecast to fall significantly today, the day ahead baseload power price jumped by £3.54/MWh

  • Friday 28 April 2017:Crude oil markets edged lower again on Thursday on mixed inventory data for last week which indicated ongoing sluggish demand in the U.S.

  • Friday 28 April 2017:With temperatures across the UK and Ireland rising slightly, demand on the UK gas system fell back below 300MCM but was still 33% above the seasonal norm yesterday

  • Friday 28 April 2017:The spot price fell by 0.55p and remaining prompt prices recorded marginal losses as temperatures were forecast to return to near normal by early next week

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