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18 May 2021
Brent edging closer to $70.00 a barrel and West Texas settling at its highest in 2 years

17 May 2021
latest surge in carbon prices pushed power prices for the coming 12 months to new life-of-contract highs

14 May 2021
Crude oil contracts have recovered some of yesterday’s losses

13 May 2021
Record day-on-day gains in carbon EUAs

12 May 2021
Weaker dollar and re-forecasts for 2021 demand from OPEC flipped the market

11 May 2021
A cyber-attack on one of the most critical energy infrastructure links in the U.S. saw crude prices open higher

10 May 2021
Carbon prices hitting new record high, EU ETS unit prices above €50.00 per tonne on Friday

7 May 2021
GB power futures recorded significant gains again

6 May 2021
Carbon EUAs resumed the bullish trend

5 May 2021
Brent crude up 82 cents overnight and touching the $70.00 a barrel mark