NBP futures have continued to shed premium this morning

Gas Market Gas prices relinquished early gains on Thursday as contracts on the NBP curve closed almost flat or slightly higher. The front month peaked at 87.50p per therm driven by concerns of tighter global LNG supplies after Chevron’s LNG offshore plant at Wheatstone was shut down earlier in the week.  The Australian LNG producer […]

Near NBP futures gained an average of 2.70p on Wednesday while the Spot and Day ahead products increased by 2.97p and 2.68p respectively

Gas Market  Concerns of tighter LNG supplies continued to prop up NBP futures for the remaining summer months yesterday while the prompt reacted to gains on the Dutch TTF as the unplanned outage at Visund restricts supplies to the Netherlands.  An extended heat wave in Asia has increased demand for LNG while supplies from Australia’s […]

Issues at an Australian LNG facility provided support to prices on Tuesday before prices declined in the afternoon

Gas Market Gas prices declined marginally Tuesday afternoon despite contracts trading in positive territory for much of the session. The Jul-24 contract traded up to 83.50 pence before a decline in late afternoon saw the contract fall to 81.09p/th. Prices were supported in early morning following news from Australia of an unplanned issue at the […]

Crude oil prices were over two dollars a barrel higher on Monday

Gas Market Yesterday’s early losses of around 2.00p per therm were reversed during the afternoon session as prompt and near futures were supported by gains on the TTF and higher U.S. gas prices.  Dutch gas prices were spurred on by reports of an unplanned outage at Norway’s Visund field which will curb flows to the […]

The decline on the NBP market continues this morning as Norwegian gas supplies continue their recovery

Gas Market As had been indicated by the trades following settlement on Thursday, NBP contracts all traded lower across Friday’s session. Repair work on the Sleipner Riser platform was completed as scheduled, and the Nyhamna processing plant returned to operations. As a result, gas flows from Norway via the Langeled pipeline returned, peaking at a […]

Gas is flowing at anticipated levels from Norway following the resumption of activities at the Nyhamna processing plant

Gas Market  Thursday saw NBP prices trade sideways as contracts oscillated close to Wednesday’s close for much of the session. With confirmation on Wednesday that the leak at the Sleipner Riser platform should be rectified by Friday, and a plan for the ramp up in production capacity at Nyhamna released, the market was directionless as […]

Gas prices continued to decline with the return of the Nyhamna processing plant confirmed.

Gas Market  Gas prices continued to decline in the latter half of Wednesday’s session following a period of sideways trading in the morning. Further confirmation Wednesday afternoon of the return of the Nyhamna processing plant following the completion of repairs at the Sleipner Riser platform helped prices ease lower. Norwegian system operator confirmed that 35 […]

The expected repair of the Sliepner Riser by the end of the week saw NBP prices decline on Tuesday

Gas Market Gas prices tumbled on Tuesday with prices declining to levels below last Friday’s closing assessment. News emerged from the operator of the Sleipner Riser that the crack in the pipeline is set to be repaired and the platform operational from Friday. The risk premium that had found its way into prices due to […]

Unexpected issues at the Sleipner Riser Platform has removed 72.5mcm of gas from European Supply

Gas Market The front month gas contract has increased by 2.32p/th over the course of the last two traded sessions. Prices declined on Friday with the planned maintenance scheduled to come to an end, and only 2mcm of maintenance expected for this week. However, Monday saw Friday’s losses reversed, and additional risk premium fed into […]

Planned maintenance on the Norwegian Continental Shelf was responsible for removing 63.6mcm/day

Gas Market Planned maintenance on the Norwegian Continental Shelf was responsible for removing 63.6mcm/day from the supply mix yesterday. These absent volumes were the main contributor to the market upside, despite the UK system moving into a long position as the day progressed and demand levels being below the seasonal norm. The Day ahead contract […]