Movements on the NBP are mixed this morning with the Jun-24 contract marginally lower.

Gas Market NBP prices declined marginally in what appeared to the casual onlooker a benign market, but the day-on-day movements were not a true reflection of the market. In early trading news of an unplanned outage on the Kollsnes processing plant caused markets to spike, with the front month contract reaching an intra-day high of […]

Yesterday, the UK gas and power markets were closed due to a Bank Holiday, with prices flat this morning

Yesterday, the UK gas and power markets were closed due to a UK Bank Holiday. On the Dutch TTF market price movements were limited, although upwards in thin trading. The TTF Day ahead market increased by €0.25/MWh, equivalent to a 0.69p/th movement. Carbon too was also moving higher but was once again the volume traded […]

Some comfort returned to the gas markets on Friday

Gas Market The unplanned outages at Kollsnes and the Troll field were resolved on Friday which returned some comfort to the markets and gas prices eased.  There are still some planned maintenance works ongoing at Norwegian plants, but these are scheduled to wind down over the next week or so.  Concerns about tight supplies in […]

Gas futures reverse most of yesterdays gains as the front month is 2.41p lower at 82.92p

Gas Market There was another volatile day for the gas markets yesterday as the near NBP curve reacted to unplanned outages and gains in Europe.  Reports that Russian gas supplies through Ukraine to Austria may be cut boosted European gas prices yesterday. The market has concerns that the threat to supplies could go further and […]

Crude oil prices slipped for a third day yesterday with U.S. demand concerns weighing

Gas Market Planned maintenance continued at Troll and Kollsnes yesterday which kept prompt and the near curve buoyed through the session. Nominations through the Langeled line picked up later in the day giving hope that full capacity would be available following the planned maintenance works however the prompt and near curve retained the early premium.  […]

Norwegian maintenance continued to impact on gas supplies to the UK and the Continent.

Gas Market The outage at the Kollsnes processing plant and the Troll gas field supported prices yesterday despite the UK system remaining over supplied for much of the day. The impact of the outage was more pronounced on the continent where the increase in prices on the TTF was greater than the 2.1% witnessed on […]

Spot for NBP prompt is down over a penny this morning

Gas Market Concerns of tight supplies drove natural gas prices higher across Europe on Monday.  With low wind forecast for much of the northern continent and planned maintenance on key Norwegian processing sites due to start on Tuesday prompt prices rose by up to 4.00p per therm yesterday.  Gas demand is expected to pick up […]

Gas prices crept higher in a benign market on Friday with no major change to fundamentals

Gas Market Gas prices crept higher once again on Friday as the front month added 1.33p/th closing at 74.36p/th. The contract ebbed and flowed in a tight range of 73.8p/th and 74.7p/th for the majority of the day. The contract did test lower at 73.06p/th and a high of 74.96p/th, but traded volumes at those […]

Crude oil prices were buoyed by latest U.S. economic data yesterday

Gas Market Low wind generation and concerns of slowing LNG deliveries boosted the prompt yesterday.  Fundamentals remain healthy but the markets have concerns around LNG deliveries with just the second cargo of the month due at GB ports by the start of next week as prices in East Asia prove to be more attractive.  Forecasts […]

Carbon EUAs are down by around 20 cent per tonne this morning

Gas Market The early gains to near futures on the NBP curve yesterday morning were stretched out to just over 2.00p per therm but then prices contracted.  The gains were pared back with most remaining summer month contracts trading below Tuesday’s close. Prices oscillate to the end of the session leaving the near curve to […]