Gas prices are stabilising this morning

Gas Market Illustrating the nervousness and risk still in European gas markets, prices declined on Thursday losing value far in excess of the gains they made on Wednesday. With the market on a hair trigger the news on Wednesday of a leak and a LNG plant in Norway caused gas prices to surge. However, the […]

leak at Norway’s Hammerfest LNG facility created a modest bounce in European gas prices

Gas Market European gas markets experienced an upward movement yesterday, driven by a production halt at a Norwegian LNG plant caused by a leak. The leak resulted in an impact volume of 18 MCM. It’s important to note that this facility had been on shutdown since May 4th and resumed operations on May 27th. Consequently, […]

The NBP gas market was a mixed basket on Tuesday

Gas Market Following the long weekend in the UK the NBP gas market was a mixed basket on Tuesday. Following the recent sell off, near term contract out to September all traded higher on the back of reduced LNG send-out. Two key UK terminals, South Hook and Isle of Grain, both reduced send out while […]

NBP futures contracts continue to shed premium

Gas Market NBP futures contacts continued to shed premium on Friday as the UK headed into a long weekend.  The declines on the seasonal contracts for the front winter and next summer averaged almost 6.00p while the near months eased by around 2.00p on the day.  This brought the loss for the week for the […]

Energy prices across Europe weakened on Thursday

Gas Market There was a significant downward shift in NBP contracts for the winter and next summer yesterday as energy prices across Europe weakened.  European storage gas supplies are at over 65% of capacity and have reached this level sooner than anticipated.  Storage gas reinjection has been aided by low demand and ample LNG supplies […]

Weakness in the UK gas market is apparent this morning

Gas Market Despite starting on a positive note yesterday, the majority of UK gas contracts lost their upward momentum as the day progressed and closed in negative territory. Continuing the trend from the recent sessions, the near delivery contracts took the brunt of the downward pressure, while price movements along the far curve remained relatively […]

Oil prices experienced an upward trajectory on Tuesday

Gas Market Gas price movements were the definition of choppy across Tuesday although prices were largely rangebound. In a pattern replicated across all gas contracts, the front month opened below yesterday’s close, before trading down to the day’s low of 64.8 pence per therm. However, by late morning prices had rebounded and where trading in […]

EUA carbon prices took a hit yesterday

Gas Market Price movement in the UK gas market was limited yesterday, however the recent downward trend along the front of the curve resurfaced. The front month contract June dipped to a low of 64.11p before crawling back some of the losses to settle at 66.36p down 2.00p on the day. Weakness along the far […]

A late fall in crude oil prices dented the week’s gain for Brent

Gas Market The GB gas markets opened a touch higher on Friday with scheduled Norwegian maintenance stepping up and tightening supply margins on the day.  Gas demand was down at 218mcm on Friday and supplies didn’t balance until later in the session and this provided support to the spot and day ahead contracts on the […]

Prices in the UK gas market fell from the front once again

Gas Market Prices in the UK gas market fell from the front once again, with losses recorded across the curve yesterday. Thursday’s losses further contributed to modest declines when examining the five-day average price movements. Notably Winter 23 is down 18.76p on average after closing at 123.02p yesterday a price level not seen since before […]